Endorse the Letters
I endorse:

"The Rhodes Trust fully supports your recommendations. We plan to ask all Rhodes selectors to be especially flexible and understanding with respect to Spring semester grades, including acceptance of pass/fail grades without any negative weight or assumptions. We will also effectively liberalize our minimum GPA policy to assure no one loses eligibility for Rhodes Scholarships due to the many implications of the covid-19 pandemic."

Rhodes Trust 

"The Fulbright U.S. Student Program, has always considered applications in their totality. Reviewers are instructed to view applicants and their academic records holistically and not limit their review to an applicant’s GPA.  

The Fulbright Program, in fact, does not have a GPA requirement. 


Looking forward, we will guide the National Selection Committee to consider the major disruptions that students encountered in Spring 2020."

Fullbright Scholarship Program

"LSAC is fully supportive of your efforts, and our member law schools intend to view academic records from spring 2020 with flexibility and compassion.


Going forward, LSAC will include in the Law School Report for every law school applicant who was enrolled during Spring 2020 a letter alerting law school admission offices of the disruption experienced during Spring 2020, including changes to grading systems." 

Law School Admission Council 

"We stand with you in seeking to minimize the pandemic’s negative consequences for students, regardless of their locations, backgrounds, or resources. We share your concerns that the circumstances into which we find ourselves suddenly thrust may exacerbate inequities that already existed, further disadvantaging hard-working students.

The day after you sent your letter, we joined our colleagues from the nation’s other leading college and university associations to endorse a statement of principles for our member schools designed to ensure flexibility, creativity, and compassion in how universities handle this crisis’ academic ramifications for students. The values they embrace can be applied to each of the concerns you have raised."

Association of American Universities 

"The Winston Churchill Foundation endorses the recommendations of the Undergraduate Student Body Presidents and Representatives in response to Covid-19. We recognize that many future applicants to the Churchill Scholarship must take courses pass/fail under lockdown conditions and that all students will have diminished opportunities for independent research during this period. We have added a question about the lockdown period to the application, in order to better understand each nominee's unique experiences, with no expectation that applicants are able to conduct research while sheltering in place. We know that the effects of this pandemic will last several years and hope that all students can protect their health and that of their communities during this time, with full confidence that their future opportunities are not at risk."

The Winston Churchill Foundation of the US 

"The CGS Board was in favor of a public CGS statement addressing your concerns. Ensuring equity and access are extremely important, and so are prioritizing your health and wellbeing. We plan to release [a] attached tomorrow on the CGS website and in CGS’s quarterly newsletter, GradEdge. We encourage the graduate education community to continue to consider the impact of COVID-19 on students; to be flexible regarding existing deadlines, policies, and procedures; and to regularly communicate with both current and prospective students to reassure them of our support. CGS encourages all members to take the opportunity to emphasize holistic review as a good admissions practice that benefits programs, institutions, and students under any circumstances."

Council of Graduate Schools 

"The Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU), recognizes the tremendous pressure on students resulting from universities’ rapid responses to the pandemic. As such, we agree with the need for flexibility in the implementation of grading policies and academic regulations. For that reason, we worked with the five other presidential higher education organizations in Washington, DC, to develop a set of principles for our member institutions on the acceptance of transfer credits and other matters during the pandemic. These principles model the integrity, flexibility, understanding, and compassion that represent the very best of our diverse institutions and their commitment to the students and communities they serve."

Association of Public and Land-grant Universities

"We continue to encourage schools to be flexible with their respective admissions policies for the upcoming admissions cycle, to have open and transparent communications with the premedical community, and to be thoughtful about the many challenges applicants may face. We are working closely with medical school admissions to discuss issues including Pass/No Pass grading and online coursework, the impact of MCAT cancellations, employment opportunities, and potential financial instability for applicants. Additionally, we are adding school-specific information to MSAR and expanding eligibility requirements for its Fee Assistance Program."

Association of American Medical Colleges 

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